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Controls Object of the Game
Push SPACE to start the game.

Use CURSOR LEFT to pull the left hand. The kite turns counter clockwards.

Use CURSOR RIGHT to pull the right hand. The kite turns clockwards.

Push F1 to reset the game and return to the introduction screen.
Try to collect as many dots as possible.

Avoid hitting the birds and the lighning. You can take three hits before the game is over. The game instantly ends if you crash into the ground.

Always calculate how many turns your kite made, because your kite will also crash if the lines have to take more than three full twists.

Play until the sunset to receive bonus points.

This game for the Atari VCS 2600 was written and is (C)2009 by Simon Quernhorst.
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The Atari VCS emulator used on this website is JStella.
Atari is a registered trademark, 2600 and VCS are trademarks of Atari Corporation.