Metal Warrior 4 - Agents of Metal
The Special Edition Project for the Commodore 64.

The story of the Special Edition

Some time after I finsihed the limited edition of Mental Kombat in 2002, I spoke to Lasse Öörni which I already knew for some years since we both are big fans of the Commodore 64. I told him about the special edition of my Atari game and as Lasse was working on the fourth part of his Metal Warrior series, we both thought that creating a special edition for his game would be something beautiful, too.

I searched for special disks and designed the disk-label, disk-sleeve (I never saw a C64 game with its very own disk-sleeve by now :-), manual and box-cover.

When beta-testing Metal Warrior 4 I somehow thought about making the release even more special in creating a soundtrack-CD with the original gametunes. Lasse agreed and that lead to the 22 track Audio-CD with tracklist on paper and more than 42 minutes of playing time. The CD is pure black with a professional print on the surface (no labels used) and looks really great!

The big plastic box holds all the items in a very nice way as it contains a big main storage and a separate molded hole for the sountrack-CD.

Pictures of the produced items

A complete copy of the Special Edition.

All 30 copies of the Special Edition.

Owners of Metal Warrior 4 - Special Edition

# Name Country
01 Simon Quernhorst Germany
02 Lasse Öörni Finland
03 Mat Allen England
04 Johan Ijzerman The Netherlands
05 Karl-Johan Nilsson Sweden
06 Michael Plate Germany
07 Marco Das The Netherlands
08 Mathieu Faes Belgium
09 Todd Elliott USA
10 Alexander Klock Germany
11 Milo Mundt Germany
12 Jakob Voos Germany
13 Robin Harbron Canada
14 Kolja Sennack Germany
15 Matthias Köth Germany
16 Stephan Schmid Germany
17 Domingo Alvarez Spain
18 James Baxter USA
19 "Slator" Germany
20 Mathias Roslund Sweden
21 Angel Vaca Spain
22 Markus Brenner Germany
23 Shaun Bebbington England
24 Hartmut Pachl Germany
25 John Selck Germany
26 Holger Klipsch Germany
27 Juha Jaakkola Finland
28 Richard Orr Japan
29 Tommi Lehtimäki Finland
30 Ramon Schmitt Germany

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