Metal Warrior Trilogy
The Special Edition Project for the Commodore 64.

The story of the Special Edition

During the sale of Metal Warrior 4 a lot of people asked if the former three games of the series would be available as special edition, too. After the very good feedback that we got for the 30 copies of MW4, Lasse Öörni and I decided to create another special edition with the games Metal Warrior, Metal Warrior 2 and Metal Warrior 3 packed together.

I decided to call it "Metal Warrior Trilogy" and my brother rendered some logos fitting to the games theme. As the three games use one diskside each, we have to use two disks for each pack. The disks are placed in the first double-disk-sleeve ever. :-)

We wanted to include all the quality items we used in MW4 and additionally searched for another bonus-item. So we are proud to announce that "Metal Warrior Trilogy" contains a pair of individual printed dog-tags with texts and serialnumbers. A set of black silencers and a chain is included, too.

The Soundtrack-CD contains 34 tracks and a total playing time of 73:02 minutes.

Pictures of the produced items

The box with cover.

A complete copy of Metal Warrior Trilogy.

Owners of Metal Warrior Trilogy

# Name Country
01 Simon Quernhorst Germany
02 Lasse Öörni Finland
03 Mat Allen England
04 Mathias Roslund Sweden
05 Johan Ijzerman The Netherlands
06 Mathieu Faes Belgium
07 Michael Plate Germany
08 Kolja Sennack Germany
09 Marco Wollstädt Germany
10 Karl-Johan Nilsson Sweden
11 Angel Vaca Quintanilla Spain
12 Holger Klipsch Germany
13 Shaun Bebbington England
14 Richard D. Orr USA
15 Michael Krämer Germany
16 Stephan Schmid Germany
17 Milo Mundt Germany
18 Jani Laine Finland
19 Burkhardt Voigt Germany
20 Hartmut Pachl Germany
21 Andre Norway
22 Georg Fuchs Austria
23 Alexander Klock Germany
24 Andre Kuppe Germany
25 Eric Boghos Austria
26 Tobias Göhlke Germany
27 Kai Darius Kohl USA
28 Walter Lauer Germany
29 Richard Lecce USA
30 Joachim Hesse Germany

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